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Departure Day Made Easier

It's always been the case that driving yourself to the airport is by far the best way to get yourself to the terminal. Who wants to be lugging a suitcase full of sun cream and swimwear on a train or bus? Especially with the added stress of checking in on time. It used to be that the price of airport parking rivalled that of your actual holiday and almost made public transport a better option, but with the continued rise of online travel companies like Holiday Extras that's no longer the case.

If you book your parking in advance through Holiday Extras you'll get the same great package of secure parking but at a fraction of the cost. What's even better is that they also do packages that are great value too. You can book a hotels at Heathrow for much less than you think and sometimes for the same amount as Heathrow airport parking. You end up with cheaper parking and a hotel stay that makes your whole airport experience much less hassle. Wake up minutes from the check-in desk and enjoy a lazy breakfast rather than a rush to the airport, you'll start your holiday in a much better mood.

If you choose one of the 4-star Heathrow airport hotels like the Hilton Heathrow your stay will be more like an extra day of holiday than you might at first assume. In fact all the hotels near Heathrow airport are of the highest quality and will give you an excellent night before you fly.

So it's now cheaper and easier to buy parking at Gatwick airport, especially when you get a package that includes a hotel from Holiday Extras. And you're sure to have a much smoother departure day experience. A stay in a Gatwick airport hotel with parking turns the usual hassle into an absolute pleasure!

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