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Holiday Horror Stories

Not really a great post to make you want to go on holiday, but I was amazed at how many different things and what kinds of problems can turn the nicest relaxing holiday in something akin to Carry On Abroad!

I'm happy to say I've never had any experience on holiday more than expensive drinks or a bad meal and some mosquito bites, but it really does appear that absolutely anything can happen! I had some fun searching around the internet and found what I considered to be the best (worst) holiday disasters I've ever heard!

New Doctor Needed!

A UK student on the first week of her gap year to Australia & New Zealand, was thrown from a white-water raft and fell heavily on her back. After visiting the doctor, being x-rayed and given the all-clear the pain in her back continued to grow. Visiting a second doctor she was told she had fractured vertebrae and should have been in a hospital since the accident! Needless to say she was flown home First Class and that was the end of her gap year, one week in!

Missed The Boat

Although a cruise holiday can be a big event and one that can take a long time to plan, picking the right destination, cruise liner etc, you'd think you wouldn't miss the trip for anything in the world. Not so, another couple from the UK missed their cruise ship, couldn't get another one and didn't have holiday insurance. They ended up losing all 8000 the holiday spent, had no holiday and had to pay to get home! I'm planning a cruise holiday with Cruise1st, and I know I definitely won't be missing the boat when it comes to my break!

'Do Not Disturb'

A woman threatened to call police to her hotel after being 'held against her will' and complaining that the staff had locked her in. This all came from a simple misunderstanding as she had mistaken the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on her door handle as a warning to remain in her room!

Feeble Complaints

Despite the accurate and well deserved complaints made by some holidaymakers, you'll always get crazy complainers with issues that would make anybody stand and stare. The best I've found included:

  • The beach was too sandy
  • The airline wouldn't give me my frequent flier miles (Using the right airline through SACP might help)
  • Nobody told us there were fish in the sea, the children were petrified!
  • There are too many Spanish people, the receptionist speaks Spanish and the food is Spanish; there are too many foreigners!
  • Nobody said mosquitoes could bite. (Maybe this person should have searched the internet for mosquitoes!)

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